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How I work


During the entire design of the tattoo, a climate of mutual trust is essential. Exchange and dialogue are a important condition to create the motive that suits a person, often requiring a number of appointments before tattooing. Preparing writing in the skin requires upstream an atmosphere of serenity and peace of mind.The Polynesian symbols that I use give me strength and peace. My ancestors attributed a sacred dimension to tattoo symbols. I attach equal importance and respect to this practice.


I only receive people by appointment.


People I tattoo consciously choose my approach to WRITE their life stories on their skin. The motive of the tattoo is personal, it is only from this person and can not be shared with anyone. I do not have a 'drawing catalog' to introduce to people. The progress of the tattooproject up to completion consists of four steps. Each of them can happen in one or more times and can last one to two hours.


Only the tattoo is priced.


first step: Get to know each other. See what everyone knows about the Polynesian tattoo, provide additional information or correct some preconceived ideas.


second step: Precise all the points related to the tattoo, the place of the body to be tattooed, the size, what to translate, the hygiene (the 2 parts), the approximate time necessary of the realization, etc. At the end of the meeting we decide - or not - to start the pattern on paper. In the first case, I ask for a 150 € deposit which will be deducted from the total cost of the tattoo.


third step: It's the appointment where the 'customer' discovers his motive. In case of mutual validation, we set a date for the tattoo. A deposit of 20% of the first tattoosession is to be paid and which will also be deducted from the total cost of the tattoo.


fourth step: Depending on the number of hours set for the tattoo session, the totality of this time must be paid by bank transfer TWO DAYS BEFORE the appointment date (D-Day) or cash on the appointment date except if the tattoo can be finished in one session, then you have to deduct the deposit and the 20%. If the customer is not present on the day of the tattoo and has not notified 72h before, the deposit will not be refunded. If he or she takes another date, he or she will have to pay 20% again. An appointment not honored is a whole day lost.


I only practice the Polynesian tattoo.


"Welcome, feel at ease and serene, so that during the whole process of shaping your project your tattoo pattern is born.We will have it drawn together.Tell me your story, I write it on your skin.We will always be with the two of us"