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How I work


Throughout the tattoo design, mutual trust is important. By exchanging thoughts, life experiences, etc. eventually a tattoo is created that is unique, only suits you, is yours and can never be someone else's. That is also the reason that I don't have a drawing catalog to present to people. People I tattoo consciously choose my approach to write a life story on their skin.


The process of your tattoo

In a conversation we get to know each other, you get information about the Polynesian tattoo and any ideas you already have about the tattoo are discussed. If you decide to get a Polynesian tattoo, we will make a follow-up appointment. We then discuss all points that have to do with the tattoo: the place of the body to be tattooed, the size of the tattoo, what is your story that I have to write on your skin, hygiene, the estimated time needed for the realization, etc. After this meeting you pay a deposit of 150, - euro and we make an appointment to tattoo.

Depending on the number of hours necessary for the creation of the tattoo, the total set time must be paid by banktransfer two days before the day of the tattoo or in cash on the day of the date of the appointment minus the deposit paid. You only pay for the tattoo.

If you fail to meet the tattoo appointment or are unable to attend and have not notified me 72 hours before the start of the tattoo session, the deposit will not be refunded. An appointment that is not kept means a completely lost day for me.

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