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About me


My particular approach to tattooing is closely related to my personal origins. I am Polynesian and lived in France for 35 years before moving to the Netherlands. I have done a lot of research on Polynesian tattoo in other parts of the world. All this means that I carry both cultures and their influences, such as my tattoos, with me. I am enthusiastic about the Polynesian tattoo, its history and its highly symbolic and spiritual value. In my career I was a consultant of education, director of studies, doctor of psychosociology (PhD) and researcher. I have left these professions behind to follow my heart and share my passion with others about the cultural heritage that I took from my ancestors to honor them: the Polynesian tattoo. I have studied Polynesian culture and also how this culture has spread in the world. I have also studied the meaning of the Polynesian symbols and still do. By immersing myself in the richness of the Polynesian tattoo, I discovered that this richness does not exclude the opening to other influences. The tattoo, regardless of its origin, doesn't it always have a tribal calling?


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