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Hinana'O Art & Tatau

Polynesian tattoo artist
Makemo, Tuamotu Island

The Polynesian tattoo is an art to tell a story. As one of the heirs - Polynesian and tattoo artist, tell me your story and I 'write' it on your skin.

My name is Hinanui Tetauupu but everyone calls me Hina. I was born and raised in Makemo and Fa'aa, French Polynesia. I am specialized in the Polynesian tattoo, the tattoo that is a 'language'. This 'language' consists of symbols that my ancestors used to represent status or an event in their life, for example. It was the way they communicated. They have left a precious legacy with this language. To honor my ancestors I want to share their the Polynesian tattoo with others. This (sacred) tattoo tells a personal life story of you and is therefore unique. I started tattooing in Paris about 20 years ago. I now live in the Netherlands and my cozy tropical style tattoo shop Hinana'O Art & Tatau is located in Alkmaar.

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